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You don't need any prior tax knowledge. Simply follow our five easy steps to complete your claim.

Maximized Return

If you have supporting evidence that you didn't receive a maximized return, we will happily refund our service cost.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you're not 100% satisfied, we will happily refund our service cost.


24/7 AI customer service

Our AI customer service can answer up to 95% of tax filing related questions instantly. Our accounting consultants will be able to handle the more complicated tax issues when necessary.

Live customer service

Our team of experts will help you with all your needs, whether technical or tax related with no additional charge. All social media platforms can be used to contact us between 9am - 6pm.

Partners with over 40 accounting firms across Canada

Our ever expanding list of partners are thoroughly vetted by us. They have provided our client with high quality consulting service over the years.

Multi-language support

Click on the bottom of the page to have our page translated to your language of choice.

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Automatic reminders

Automated reminder service to let you know when tax season begins, any deadlines coming up and when you should be expecting your refund.

Up to $2000 CAD in refund

Filing through our platform will allow you a minimum of $500 CAD and up to $2000 CAD in returns.

Tuition tax credit

As a student, your tuition can be put forth as tax credit deductible after your career begins.

Getting through tax reviews

If you have difficulty understanding CRA issued letters, send it to us and we will help you navigate through any potential problems. Our experts can help you with issues such as missing a tax review notice, CRA sent a reassessment notice, tuition tax credit cancelled, and many others.


Share and receive a discount

Share our platform on your social media accounts to receive a discount on your tax return.

Keep an eye out for our product key card sold in stores near your campus

If you prefer to not provide payment online, our service can also be purchased in the form of a product key card from your local campus stores.

Guide you through the whole process

Don't know where to download all the files for tax return, we can guide you through the whole process.

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